Victory in Valley Forge


A recap of Milton’s latest fight by

Santiago pummels Velez

Highly touted junior welterweight Milton “El Santo” Santiago (10-0, 3KO’s) up his win total to double digits with a one sided unanimous decision victory over a game but outgunned Ray Velez (3-7-1, 1KO).

Santiago was in control of this one throughout as he effectively stepped in and out of the pocket mixing in quick and heavy combinations to win a convincing six round unanimous decision victory.

It looked like it might be an early night as Santiago hurt him with a right hand and then followed in up with a mixed four punch combination to both the head and body. Santiago stepped back but again backed him to the corner with three good left hands. Velez was game though and pushed forward but Santiago’s defense was superb and he avoided many of the counter lobs.

Santiago wobbled him again early in the second with a left hook on the button and followed with two good body shots and an uppercut. Velez clinched and boxed defensively.

Velez seemed to gain a bit of confidence in the third as he was finally letting his hands go. Santiago would not back down though, but took his time stepping in and out of the pocket with the heavier blows but Velez kept taking them and talking back. Santiago kept digging the body and ending the combinations with a sharp shot up top. In the closing ten seconds of the third. Santiago had Velez’s leg buckling with a right hand left hook combo.

The work put in by Santiago had the face of Velez puffed up entering the fourth round. Velez made and effort to force the action early in the fourth but Santiago weathered it and pushed forward. Santiago hurt him in the middle of the round with a right hand left hook. This time Velez backed to the ropes. Santiago went in for the kill. Velez tried to fight back. Santiago hurt him again moments later and knocked out his mouthpiece, which allowed him to get the time to finish the round.

Santiago realized that Velez won’t back and boxed his way throughout the fifth and sixth and final round. Velez was again game but just couldn’t do anything to deter the rising eight year old future star.

All three judges saw it the same way 60-54 x3 in favor of Milton Santiago by scores of 40-34 across the board for the sixth round unanimous decision victory.”

By Kurt Wolfheimer at ringside
Photos: Jeff Julian

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