Quick Update: Farah Wins in Atlantic City!

In his first nationally televised bout, Farah Ennis patiently sliced up Richard Pierson in a dominant, one-sided victory that is Ennis’ 20th.

Ennis came out to a strong start, collecting the first four rounds with confident, thudding combinations to Pierson’s body.  Pierson, in a show of respect to Ennis’ power, kept his arms up in a tight defensive position, but Ennis powered through with stiff right hands and vicious hooks to the body.

Pierson came to life in the 5th round and made his best stand of the fight, backing Ennis up to the ropes and landing two solid blows to the head.  Ennis showed his maturity by pushing off the ropes, patiently snapping out jabs, and regaining his momentum.  By the sixth round, Ennis was back to dominating with patient, convincing combinations.

The end of the fight was a grind, as Ennis tried to engage a fighter that was intent on remaining on defensive.  Despite the urging of his corner and the crowd, Pierson seemed to fear Ennis’ power and waited for a counterpunch that never came.  Ennis still managed to break off several impressive combinations, and easily collected a unanimous decision.


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