*Live* at the Press Conference: Ennis and Rosado at Champps, South Philly

USBA Championship Boxing – All-Philly War, 7/30
Press Conference, 7/26

Champps Sports Bar, South Philly

MC’d by Kurt Wolfheimer

Moz Gonzalez, Eddie Woods, and the Champ

Following is the live play-by-play from the press conference at Champps on the Monday preceding the USBA title bout.  To commemorate the event, both Pooh and Rosado’s fists were cast in plaster by John DiSanto of PhillyBoxingHistory.com.

Press Conference Play-By-Play

8:23:  Eddie Woods:  Lets get it on.

8:22:  Moz Gonzalez dismisses concerns about Pooh’s early-career weight battles, says that Pooh has won 9 straight fights since then

8:21:  Eddie Woods on the fight:  This is business, both guys want the title.  Woods remarks that he has never seen two father/son teams with so much discipline.  Eddie says, “Lets get it on Friday night”.

8:20:  Moz Gonzalez on making the fight with Ennis:  it was a fight that had to happen.  He states that Pooh hasn’t ducked anybody, and that Rosado’s name came up as a possible opponent and they pulled the trigger.  Moz states that Pooh hasn’t gotten his respect, and that Pooh is a classy fighter, and has shown in recent fights that he can box and bang.  Moz gives credit to the Ennis clan, saying that Pooh comes from a good family, and that on Friday night, everyone will see why Pooh is the champion, and that no one will take the title from him

8:19:  Managers come up to the podium, give comments about their fighters.

8:16:  Pooh final thoughts:  Pooh offers to let Rosado take a picture with the belt.  Rosado says he will be going to sleep with it on Friday.

8:16:  Gabe final thoughts:  Everyone will get their moneys worth, it will be a classic.

8:12:  Ennis given props for 2009 Fight of the Year honors against Albert for the USBA title

8:11:  Rosado says that he is looking at the title, not caught up with the hype of fighting against another Philly fighter.  He says that the title opens the door for bigger and better things.  Ennis says that he is looking at this like a regular fight, the Philly thing doesn’t matter – he says that him and Rosado will speak again after the fight, but that its Team Ennis time

8:10:  Rosado says that he would do anything to win the fight.  Pooh says, “don’t bite me”

8:10:  Pooh answers about his exceptional stamina for Albert fight, says that he runs a lot

8:08:  Pooh and Rosado answer a question about rebounding from their losses;  Pooh says that now he makes sure he is prepared every time, ready every time.  Rosado cites his short amateur career, and says that he has been learning on the job.  Says that the crowd will see a new Rosado on Friday

8:07:  Rosado and Billy Brisco have a laugh about their “own language” of code words that come out of their corner, like icepick and shotgun

8:06:  Gabe answers an accusation that he is a slow starter by saying that he has been given short notice for recent fights, but that against Ennis, he has had two solid months of training.  Says that he has watched two of Ennis’ past fights

8:05:  Gabe excited for the fight, glad the opportunity presented itself, is training hard.  Ennis says that the fight is a great thing, and is waiting to get it on

8:04:  Peltz reminds the audience that the winner of USBA Championship fight  goes into the top 10 in the world

8:00:  Gabe and Pooh introduced;  Russell Peltz dismisses the notion that Philly fighters shouldn’t fight Philly fighters, gives a history lesson about Philly vs Philly fights, and hypes the All-Philly War

7:53:  Top Philly prospect, (2-0) Angel Ocasio giving a thoughtful interview, obviously an intelligent fighter and rounds out a extremely solid fight card

7:42:  Farah asked, “What types of things are you working on in the gym?”   Farah says that he is working on being slick, throwing sneaky punches that the opponent won’t see coming.  Says he is prepared to let his hands do the talking. For all the noise Farah brings to the ring, he really is ‘The Quiet Storm”, very soft-spoken and understated.

7:39:  Farah Ennis announced to be fighting Demetrius Davis

7:28:  Main event fighters are hanging out as the undercard bouts are announced and short interviews are conducted with the undercard fighters

7:20: Fighters announced, Ennis and Rosado approach the table and take their seats

7:10PM:  The Ennis brothers arrive, along with father and trainer Boze Ennis

7:09PM:  Gabriel Rosado arrives

6:37PM:  Battlestrong Boxing is live at the Ennis and Rosado press conference, starting in about a half-hour.


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