“Pretty Boy” Coy Evans demolishes Chule in 3; Battlestrong Team adds a Killa

After two straight weeks of brutalizing opponents, Philadelphia knows that if the Battlestrong Boxing team is in the building, the medical staff better be close by.

On Friday, April 9th, Battlestrong young gun Coy Evans (8-0-1) entered the ring as the main event of the Power Productions show at ‘The Arena’ in South Philly, facing off against Nairobi-born Morris Chule (10-11-2).

Chule started off as the aggressor, throwing quick jabs and tight combinations that were largely ineffective due to Evans’ speedy head movement and conservative defense.  Midway through the first-round, Evans started a brilliant counter-punching campaign, dropping stiff hooks and straight right-hands under, over, and around anything throw by the rangier Chule.  Chule, now getting pounded every time he released his hands, had no choice but to slow down, and Evans took immediate advantage.

At the start of the second round, Evans came out patience but poised, and started methodically taking Chule apart with lightning-fast combinations to the head and body, until the momentum was firmly behind the Battlestrong gunner.

At the halfway point through Round 2, Evans and Chule squared off in the center of the ring and exchanged blows, but it was the Nairobian who would be caught flush by a bomb from Evans, knocking him to the canvas and bringing the crowd to its feet.

Evans put on the pressure, flooring Chule again before the bell rang to end the second round.  The break wouldn’t stop Evans though, who came out at the bell like a rocket and exploded a right hand into the face of Chule that seemed to put him out in mid-air.  Chule landed flat on his back and slid almost to the edge of the ring, bout over.

“Pretty Boy” Coy notches his second impressive knockout, 8th win overall, and continues his tear through the featherweight division.  In the last two weeks, Battlestrong Boxing again goes 3-0 in Philadelphia.

Enter ‘Killa’ Keenan Smith

The tally could actually go up to 4-0 as well, as the Battlestrong Faction welcomes the newest member of the team, ‘Killa’ Keenan Smith, who was fighting for a spot on the team at the April 2nd show.  Smith, a 3-time National Golden Glove champion, made his professional debut at The Arena against a guy named Smurf (1-3), and showed the reason why he was considered for a spot on Philadelphia’s top boxing team.

Smith was not the only fighter making his pro debut on this night, but he was the only one who looked as if he were a seasoned professional, showing incredible body control, speed, and confidence as he shut out his opponent in all 4 rounds.

Congratulations to “Pretty Boy” Coy and the newly minted professional “Killa” Keenan Smith for two impressive wins.


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