Ennis Brothers Rock Blue Horizon

The victorious USBA Jr. Middleweight Champion Derek ‘Pooh’ Ennis is in the ring posing for pictures as the Blue Horizon crowd empties out, and from somewhere in the balcony a person says audibly, “That was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen in my life”.

On this night, April 2nd, ‘Pooh Ennis’ (22-2) battled against the relentless Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez (13-7) in what was surely one of the most electric main events in Blue Horizon history.  It was far from a flashy fight of crisp boxing skills;  rather, it was two gladiators in a brutal grind of toughness, endurance, and most of all, the pure will to win.

At the opening bell, Gonzalez smothered Ennis with a non-stop barrage of short, stiff punches.  Ennis, who typically relies on his speed and elusiveness, was pacified early and was forced to close his defenses to stop the unrelenting hooks and straight right hands coming from his scrappy Mexican opponent.

In the second round, the crowd fell silent, mistaking Pooh’s closing down for a resignation that he could not outpunch the busier Gonzalez.  In round three, however, in the midst of a barrage at the hands of Gonzalez, Pooh unleashed his first power combination of the night and staggered the Mexican back several steps, causing the crowd to roar back to life.

Gonzalez closed in again, punching consistently, until Ennis would explode out of his defense with a power combination that would drive his opponent backwards, but Gonzalez would not to submit.  Ennis, backed into the ropes by the advancing opponent, dug downstairs and landed two uppercuts to the mid-section of the Mexican, who stumbled backwards to the middle of the ring, but regained his footing and advanced on Pooh again.

In the crowd, someone asks about the 620 on the back of Gonzalez’s shorts.  Another person answers, “Thats his model number – this guy is a Terminator”.

Gonzalez showed a heart the size of Guadalajara, eating at least a dozen shots that would have leveled any lesser fighter, whose mouthpiece was knocked out twice during the fight, but who fought ten non-stop rounds.

The big winner, though, was Derek Ennis, who received a standing ovation after the majority decision was announced in his favor.  His determination is obvious to take the next step towards a world title.


Farah Ennis KO’s Frankie Santos

Leading up to the main event was a brilliant display of strength and slickness by Pooh’s brother, Farah ‘The Quiet Storm’ Ennis (13-0), who fought the veteran Frankie Santos (17-8-4).

Farah has fought outside of Philadelphia for most of his career, and he was clearly excited to fight for the Blue Horizon crowd.  If there were any folks in attendance who didn’t know of Farah, they won’t soon forget what went down on April 2nd.

Farah showed up in incredible physical shape, and as he boxed Santos he showed a smoldering intensity and discipline.  He wasted no movement, and easily dismantled the defenses of the more experienced Santos with precise, hammering shots.

Anyone who saw Farah fight for the first time got to see why he is being nicknamed ‘The Body Snatcher’, as he crushed both sides of his opponent with his signature vicious body shots.  Although Farah has left several of his opponents writhing on the canvas holding their insides, it would be two overhand rights and an exploding uppercut in the 2nd round that would put down Santos for the count of 10.

Congratulations to both Ennis brothers on another pair of impressive victories.


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